PurseN Illumin

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A woman's handbag - and its contents - reveal a lot about her. It's a reflection of her taste. From the outside, we can tell if she's fashion forward, if she's a trendsetter, if she's classic. But the depths of a woman's handbag reveal so much more. Shouldn't the inside of your bag match the outside?

Change the way you look inside your handbag forever with PurseN Illumin, the revolutionary handbag organizer insert with built in LED lights, the first and only of its kind that has left women wondering how they ever lived without it. PurseN Illumin allows you to navigate through any handbag with confidence and ease like never before.

Before PurseN Illumin, even the most organized women with the most beautiful handbags faced the reality of a dark and sometimes bottomless purse. Declutter and shed a little light on the inside. Lined in super luxe satin with 3 gorgeous prints to match, the PurseN Illumin stylishly innovates and elevates handbag organization - the perfect marriage of fashion and function. Uniquely designed to fit a variety of handbags, PurseN Illumin is available in two sizes (small measures 8.5"L x 6"H x 3"W medium measures 10"L x 6"H x 3"W).

PurseN Illumin has adjustable sides with expandable bottom zippers, uniquely designed to fit a variety of purses. Featuring 9 compartments, sized to contain all modern day electronics with easy in and out access, it also is equipped with one large zipper pocket. The insert was designed strategically with an open middle space for your wallet, make-up bag and everyday essentials.

PurseN Illumin, for a beautiful purse, inside and out.