Extra Pouch - Serenity

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Introducing the NEW Extra Pouch
A convenient organizer for those last minute trips, the PurseN Extra Pouch is perfect for storing all of those items you can't be without. Easily transition from day to night, carry your keys, lipstick, and even a passport. The clear middle divider keeps those essential items in place all day long.
  • Center divider keeps products organized
  • Outside wristlet handle 
Size Information:
  • 11.25”L x 3.75”W x 8.5”H


      • Nylon exterior and interior

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      Have not received my order!!

      Please check for me.

      Great functionality

      I do not like that only the front had the beautiful blue dunes pattern. The back is just tan like the trim. It is too large to throw in my everyday bag. It will fit great in my shopper tote. The pockets are great as well as the divider. I will definitely be using this when I go to Europe in the summer. I would love if PurseN would bring back some of these old colors or carry lines consistently. It seems everytime something new comes out it's not in any of the colors I already own and I'm not too keen on the quilted pattern.


      LOVE!! This Extra Pouch is fantastic for a variety of reasons. Price is very affordable. It matches my beautiful black quilted "Stylist Bag". Inside is light color, so u can see everything u put inside. Can be used as a small handbag in a pinch. Leather handle/flap fits over ur wrist - so u can hold it securely if used as a handbag & it can hang on any hook. Folds flat, so easy to pack. I used mine for the airplane, to stow my personal effects in the airplane seat pocket. It EASILY fit the following: small wallet, iPhone 7+, ear buds, phone charger, small scarf, tic-tacs, tooth brush, tooth paste, lip gloss, lip stick, nail file. I could have also added a small kindle or a slim paperback book. Quality is excellent. Quilting finely stitched & durable. Wrist Strap is sturdy not flimsy. Zipper very solid. Interior clear plastic is superior quality and substantial. Nice touch that inside divider can also be pushed flat against the side if needed. TY for inventing this Extra Pouch. PurseN...you may want to consider adding a slightly larger size to ur collection as well, maybe 3" longer?

      Hi Very Happy Customer :) (what a great name) First thank you for taking the time to leave such a thorough/detailed review and sharing your suggestions with the Shopify community! Your feedback is incredibly valuable and I will absolutely pass along your suggestion as we head into design mode for spring.

      It was a gift and very well received.

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