Rhinestone -(Iridescent)


We packed so much glamorous sparkle into our Iridescent Rhinestone purse light! Handset with tons of tiny crystals to catch the light and reflect some rainbow shine, this light is will truly dazzle. This little light is the perfect fashionable accessory that has function. 

  • 60 second automatic shutoff timer
  • 2 bright LEDs at 8 lumens
  • 1320 minutes of battery life
  • Removable tray for easy battery replacement
  • 2 additional batteries included in the package
  • 3 ways to affix your light: a removable metal pinch clip, 3M adhesive tape, and a removable metal keyring clip
  • It’s a bright idea for every lifestyle!
  • 1.6” Diameter x 0.5” Think x 1.8” Keychain length

You won’t believe how many ways you can use this light! In addition to handbags, this light is perfect for backpacks, evening bags, makeup bags, briefcases, keychains, tool boxes, tackle boxes, diaper bags, camera bags, outdoors, lockers, computer bags, pet leashes, gym bags, drawers, power outages, and are great to use as a night light, closet light, path light, menu light, and so much more!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Heath

I’ve ordered these beauties for several friends, and myself. Aside from looking beautiful, the light is perfect for searching my purse, and finding my way thru the driveway at night. I will order again.

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