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Thinking, A Lot

Have you sometimes been in the mood to simply watch a movie and relax? Truly relax? No thinking, involved? We all have wanted that; some more than others. Yet, despite how much you tell your brain to not think, it has a mind of its own. For example, the other day, I switched my thinking bulb off. Dr. Bronner’s almond shower gel and OnDemand were high on my priority list. I selected, "Why I Wore Lipstick," after scanning through its description. Frankly, all I read was, young journalist—click, this movie has just been selected. When the intro credits began to play, I saw the title of the movie, and the words: "To my Mastectomy," pop-up. Surely this kept my interest as many women today fear the haunting words: breast cancer. 

Remember, I gave myself permission to relax and not think; and I actually followed through.  Instead, the next morning, I woke up with the thought: How do you keep inspired at work while facing struggles like a cancer or even a divorce or loss of aging parents? How can employers uplift their team when one or two players are absent on mind? And isn't it the best interest of the employer to uplift its wounded soldier? Thankfully at PurseN matters of the heart are top priorities. However, how do these issues stand in your workplace?

Although I stopped watching the movie because my mind was drifting to dreamlandia, I did learn why the main character, Geralyn Lucas, who by the way is the actual breast cancer survivor who wrote the script and book, decided to wear red lipstick during her surgery. For her, like most women, red describes complete content confidence. For many, we seek the day to dare to be red, yet quickly remove the color red for mauve or pink lip gloss. Instead, breast cancer made her brave and red became her new “it” color to flaunt.

We leave you with the following: What is your design plan on encouraging others when they are hit with devastating news, or even your colleagues? What music will you dance to when bad news comes your way? We hope to shed some light on how valuable life is and how our lives reflect our choices: Choose to stay focused on how your behavior, tone, and actions play a major role to all of those who work for you, with you, or even live next to you. As human beings, we all appreciate and need TLC. Spread the vibrancy of encouragement, swing to fulfilling music… And remember, beauty starts within. 

Photography by Savaza.

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