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Where Are Our Brains Headed Today and What Is Our Destiny?

The overall body of knowledge doubles every year. No person can be a true know-it-all. There’s just too much to know. What is happening in today’s world is very subtle: younger people are demanding more intelligence from their interactions. Whether the interaction is with a computer, an automobile, a cellular phone or another human being, consumers want engagement.

So, new marketing tactics and the new media are engaging. But what’s happening in regards to our personal engagements, our person-to-person interactions? Do we lose something when we are interacting with gadgets or does new technology bring people together? Absolutely, Androds, iPhones, and the Internet have made the world a smaller place. It’s easier and cheaper to send video, still images, text, and voice than ever before. With webcams and small digital video cameras, people run the risk of making inappropriate personal disclosures and invading each other’s privacy. Ironically, making polite conversation with someone in an elevator becomes awkward because it’s easier and more efficient to send them a text message.

Yet, individuals have the power to control the flow of program and advertising/social media content in the new media. This control over the volume of information is where we find Einstein. Did you know Albert Einstein spent much of his time in solitude? He had the power to shut out distractions and work out his theories with the latitude to make his mind a playground with solitude and music.

According to Kenji Sugimoto, Einstein understood passion and love. Love is the most powerful creative force. Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, wrote about an ongoing debate he had with the local Catholic priest while Fritz was studying at the Boston Conservatory. The debate was about creationism versus evolution. The priest told Fritz that God created the world because God loved it enough to make it exist. Although Fritz was agnostic, he recognized the power of love as the creative force because he was creating music. Robert Fritz had to love the music enough to create it. Einstein loved to spar with fellow scientist Niels Bohr about their respective theories. He loved the theories enough to thrash them out with reasoning—one mode of loving them into existence.

As we engage technology and—hopefully—each other, we can become part of the user-driven tide of marketing and interpersonal communication. The new media platforms can help us control the volume of inputs, so we can decide as individuals what, where and how to engage. We can have the time and space to allow our minds to play with ideas and thrash out new concepts—to reflect on old concepts in some solitude and to choose our passions. Remember, beauty starts within. 

Photography by Savaza.

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