What began as a simple collection of handbag organizers has exploded into a full collection of luxurious, high-end travel accessories. PurseN accessories are designed to make everyone's packing and travel experience a breeze with a gorgeous array of options for all organizational needs. PurseN is changing the way we travel, accessorize and organize in style, and the word is out! Oprah Magazine, GOOP, Harper's Bazaar, Women's World and Inside Weddings have already featured the brand, while celebrities like The Kardashians, Christina Aguilera, Kate Beckinsale, Mariah Carey and Cindy Crawford all have adopted PurseN as their must-have travel accessories!

As a busy wife and mother of two, Hardeep Melamed's handbag is the place where everything goes. She was constantly in disarray when trying to find anything inside of it and was finally fed up with all the time wasted digging through her disorganized handbag. With this ongoing frustration, she put her experienced entrepreneurial and creative spirit to work. Hardeep knew she wasn't alone in thinking her handbag was a black hole and decided to design a handbag organizer that addressed her needs as a multitasking woman on-the-go. She created a fashionable and functional organizer for women's handbags- thus PurseN was born! Hardeep continues to grow PurseN into a thriving luxury collection redefining travel.