With the new year upon us, travel is already on everyone’s mind.
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With the new year upon us, travel is already on everyone’s mind.

Exotic destinations are trending and vacationers are beginning to see the benefits of traveling off the beaten path like avoiding crowded popular destinations. Careful planning is necessary for long trips and exotic international flights. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ease the stress of planning to travel.


Studies show that travel is one of the most stressful activities people can do. Planning ahead will help ease a great deal of that stress. If it’s available schedule your trip well in advance. Especially if you’re going with family, long trips, or international trips. Make a mental or physical checklist of items that you absolutely can’t leave without such as:

  • Your license or ID
  • Passport
  • Ticket (Printing your ticket ahead of time or having it ready on your phone will allow you to avoid that extra step of retrieving it at the departure port.)
  • Visa (If needed)
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, makeup, bodywash, shampoo, razor, etc.)
  • Extra bag(Like a plastic bag for your dirty clothing if you don’t have the option to clean them)


Space is as valuable as gold while traveling. Make sure you are utilizing the limited space you have to the fullest. Our travel totes and toiletry bags help not only organize your items, but they also maximize space. Our Timeless Overnight Bag has a spacious interior with 5 mesh organizer pockets. It also has a top and bottom compartment to separate clothing from other items such as toiletries. It also has 4 movable wheels for total mobility!


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It is very important to arrive early when traveling by plane or boat. You never know what to expect at departure ports, especially during the holidays when security increases. As a rule, allow yourself to arrive AT LEAST 2-3 hours earlier than your departure time. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but if it’s in your control to arrive early, that’s just one less thing you have to worry about. Arriving early also gives you better options for seating in the terminal while you wait.


Have fun! Whether you are traveling for business or on vacation get the most out of your trip! Travel is full of exploration and adventure. Check out your destination ahead of time or even spontaneously for alluring landmarks or unique restaurants!

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