Romantic Destinations for a Valentine's Day Weekend Getaway

The month of romance is right around the corner, tomorrow to be exact. Luckily, this year Valentine’s Day falls towards the end of the week.  It is the perfect time to go on a mini vacation with your significant other. If you don’t have a boo this V-Day, you can always turn your weekend into a Galentine’s Trip with your besties. We’ve come up with a few of the most romantic destinations to travel for Valentine’s Day.




For the ultimate romantic experience. From the breathtaking views, sightseeing, and food, your significant other cannot go wrong choosing this place. Florence is and extremely popular area to visit generally, but luckily in February, crowds are not an issue. Love from Tuscany states, “Florence is a perfect destination for February. The attractions and restaurants stay open all year round, and offer better deals during quieter periods.” It also does not snow much in Florence, rather than Tuscany. Italy has some of the most divine restaurants around. Especially if you have a love for Italian food, you can’t get any more authentic than this. A restaurant that is a must-try is, Enotea Bellini. They have classic Italian dishes and plenty of wine for you and your ‘SO’. 





Napa Valley is the home of over 400 wineries. Try all of the Cabernets, Merlots, and Chardonnays as you’d like. For years it’s been considered a famous wine region. If you want a very intimate setting. The Wine Train is perfect! It’s a train with elegant interiors and polished, personalized service.  They say it’s “An intimate, unforgettable experience full of elegance and romance.”  Also, while on your trip, you can get cozied up at the Uptown Theatre or the Yountville Art Walk.





If you like the adventure of the outdoors, Crested Butte, Colorado is the place for you to travel. Crested Butte is an old mining town, so it has a historic and charming touch. According to, The Culture Trip, “the natural land is a wonderful playground with activities such as skiing, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and more.”  These are the perfect adventures for you and boo, or even a place for a group of your friends to enjoy. You can also relax, look at the beautiful snow-covered mountains, and smell the fresh air of the outdoors.  




For your romantic getaway, an island paradise is always a great choice! Kauai, Hawaii is a great place to really appreciate nature. You can explore Napali Coast through a boat tour, or visit towns on the island like Hanapepe, Waimea, or Hanalei. Enjoy tropical drinks and dishes as you lay on beach until the sun sets. One of the hotspots for food is The Beach House.  According to Forbes , “The Beach House Restaurant, located on Lawai’i Beach, features breathtaking ocean views and a seafood-centric menu.” Try calamari, ahi rolls, and crab cakes.



 Comment below and let us know your plans for Valentine’s Day, or places you dream to go!  


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