How to Pack the Amour Toiletry Travel Case
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How to Pack the Amour Toiletry Travel Case

If you’re looking for a toiletry bag that can organize it all, look no further than our Amour Travel Case. The Amour has been one of our top sellers since it’s launch years ago and continues to be a favorite for organizing toiletry and cosmetic necessities while traveling. This unique case comes with 5 removable pouches, 2 cases for your toothbrush and razor, plus a main compartment with elastic band to secure your bottles in place. Worried about your liquid products leaking or spilling? Leave your worries behind because the interior of the Amour Case and its removable pouches are all lined with a clear plastic for easy cleaning. Limited counter space at home or in your hotel? The hidden hook on the back of the case makes it easy to hang instead of taking up counter space.

The PurseN Amour Travel Case is extremely versatile. You can travel will all of the pouches, only take few pouches, of if you’re really limited on space just toss a few removable pouches in your bag and leave the larger case at home. There are so many ways you can utilize this beauty organizer, below are a few of our suggestions on how to pack!

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