NEW Stadium Approved Gameday Bags
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NEW Stadium Approved Gameday Bags


GAME ON! Whether you are an NFL, MLS, NBA, MLB, NHL or Collegiate team fan rooting for your home team is an exhilarating experience. Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fanatic, who doesn’t want to root for the home team or at least enjoy some tailgating?

As the seasons for your favorite sports are beginning, you might realize the stadium has a new clear bag policy. Of course, this won’t stop you from attending. However, your search for a clear bag might not yield the most fashionable options.

If you happen to not pay attention to the new policies, you will likely have to check your bag and be given a large plastic shopping bag just for your keys, wallet and phone. Ugh, not to mention bag check is about $15, or you can run back to your car to put your purse up. Oh yeah, and you’ll miss kick off!

Lucky for this Atlanta United Season ticket holder, I have never had to worry about these new policies thanks to my PurseN Game Day Bag! At the new Mercedes Benz Stadium here in Atlanta, the bag policy is highly enforced. Even if you bring a small enough crossbody or clutch, you have to wait in a longer line for security to go through your bag. I however, get to walk right through with my stylish clear bag! 

Since, stadiums are often venues for concerts you will likely need a clear bag to catch your favorite show. Even music festivals are starting to enforce clear bag polices, for example Sweetwater Fest right here in Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park.

Recently, we went to an Atlanta United game and afterwards went to a concert at the new Coca-Cola Roxy venue. They didn’t particularly have a clear bag policy, but they did have to search inside your bags. Security glanced at my bag and waved me forward to speed up their process. YES, I was the first of my friends to get in and out of the drink line and I didn’t miss a beat of the show! 

The PurseN clear bag is cute enough for everyday use, so I take it to every event just to avoid the hassle. I also love that I can use the touch friendly pocket to respond to messages quickly. Get yours today, it is definitely a must have for not only sports fans, but also regular concert goers!

Tell us in the comments below where you need a stylish clear bag, in order to avoid lines, and delays.

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