The BEST Makeup Organizer- Blogger Spotlight with Harry Makes it Up
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The BEST Makeup Organizer- Blogger Spotlight with Harry Makes it Up

Today we are spotlighting Harry Makes it Up and her youtube video featuring the ultimate makeup organizer, the Diva Makeup Case! Harry Hadfield is a fashion and celebrity makeup artist located in Los Angeles and originally from the UK. Her youtube channel is a huge hit, some of our favorite videos are the celebrity makeup tutorials. She came across PurseN from another youtuber and was so excited about featuring our Diva Makeup Case on her channel.


This makeup organizer has quickly gained popularity among makeup artist and just the everyday girl who loves makeup. We love how Harry organized her Diva Makeup Case, there are so many ways to utilize this case. One of the best features of the Diva is not only is fantastic for organizing at home and travel, the removable cases make it easy to travel with as much or as little makeup as you wish.

Are you a blogger/youtuber who would love to feature PurseN’s travel accessories on your blog and/or channel? We are always looking for influencers to collaborate with, email us at

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