5 Packing Tips: Introducing the New Extra Pouch
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5 Packing Tips: Introducing the New Extra Pouch

The Extra Pouch is available in our 3 new spring designs. Serenity is the perfect addition to your new Spring wardrobe. The neutral pop of blue hints of a calm beach shore, crisp morning skyline, or a shallow creek along your favorite trail. Blue Dunes is a classy combination of navy and blue. The cut-out pattern is detailed and high fashion. Lotus a stunning shimmering rose gold. The design holds up to its name as its beauty can catch your eye in any setting.



This pouch might be one of the simplest additions to the PurseN line ever. However, it is a must have for any frequent traveler or for day to day necessities! This pouch is the place for all your last-minute trip essentials. If you want to store all the items you can’t leave the house without! It’s easy to carry around or pack inside another bag!

The Extra Pouch makes packing a breeze! So here’s 5 more tips that any traveler should know !

Roll, Don't Fold

People who travel often will testify by this rule. Rolled clothing takes up less space. Your clothes are also less likely to have deep fold lines and wrinkles.

Use Organizers

Organize clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, jewelry and other travel necessities to pack more without all of the mess. PurseN is always there to help you accomplish this tip!

Make a Packing List

Creating a packing list is a way to ensure you don’t forget anything that is important for your trip! It’s never fun to be without sunscreen on the beach because you didn’t double check your list!

Never Check Essential Items

You will want to keep your everything you can’t function without close by like your passport ID, money and anything valuable. This is where the Extra Pouch comes in handy!

Use Totes

If you’re about to take flight you get a carryon and a personal item. Instead of carrying your purse as your item, carry a larger tote that fits under the seat so you don’t have to sacrifice leaving anything behind that didn’t fit in your luggage

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