Top 5 Stunning Spring Destinations
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Top 5 Stunning Spring Destinations

Spring is here and most of us are ready for a little break and some fresh air. With spring break around the corner you may be looking for a new place to explore while avoiding crowded family oriented destinations and wild party destinations. Keeping peace and serenity in mind, we have selected our top 5 stunning spring destinations around the world!

1. Kyoto, Japan

During March and April The Cherry Blossom Festival is the spring event to attend. Transform your mood into peace and tranquility while walking through blooming gardens. There are also many unique places to be found in the city of Kyoto, like the Kinkakuji Temple. If you have been dreaming of a getaway to Japan, this city is the perfect starting point.

2. Santorini, Greece

Greece is actually one of our dream destinations. Planning a spring trip can help you avoid summer crowds while still enjoying beautiful weather. The islands are stunning every season, but those cliff-top views are particularly breathtaking in the springtime!

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest can be such a unique and peaceful experience. You can walk along the Danube river, hike to the royal Buda castle, see the gorgeous view of the world’s 3rd largest parliament or visit the iconic Hero’s Square. Whatever you choose to do, Budapest will definitely be a great spring break spot.

4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Cancun is always a popular spring break spot if you are wanting a nice beach vaca. Did you know you can escape the crowds by heading 45 mins south of Cancun to Playa Del Carmen? It offers some of the best beaches in Mexico and you can still experience a nice night on the town with fewer tourist around.

5. Napa Valley, CA

If you are located in the USA, perhaps you are looking for something a little closer to home. One of our more relaxing spots is Napa Valley, America's most famous wine region. It’s great in the spring because that beautiful 60-70 degree weather, and most people visit Napa during Harvest time in the summer and fall, so less crowds and more wine for you! You’ll still have a nice view of the vineyards which will be sprinkled with lavender and mustard plants at this time of year.

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