Thanks For Helping Us Make it Happen
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Thanks For Helping Us Make it Happen

For those of you who have been following PurseN for a while now know, we have grown exponentially! This success is all because of you, our devoted customers and fan base. For that, we say THANK YOU for helping us "Make it Happen" over the years.

For those of you who are new to the PurseN brand we'd love to take the time to share our story and a few fun facts you may not know about us!

Our Start

As a busy wife and mother of two, Hardeep Melamed's handbag is the place where everything goes. She was constantly in disarray when trying to find anything inside of it and was finally fed up with all the time wasted digging through her disorganized handbag. With this ongoing frustration, she put her experienced entrepreneurial and creative spirit to work. Hardeep knew she wasn't alone in thinking her handbag was a black hole and decided to design a handbag organizer that addressed her needs as a multitasking woman on-the-go. She created a fashionable and functional organizer for women's handbags- thus PurseN was born!

Our Products

PurseN began with the patented Handbag Organizers, and they were a hit! Our founder Hardeep expanded the brand into a line of luxurious high-end travel accessories including beauty cases, toiletry cases, jewelry cases, travel luggage and more. All PurseN products are designed to make busy womens' lives easier, more organized and beautiful. The line also includes many patented products, meaning you won't find another design like it anywhere else!

Our New Place

For many years the business was operating out of Hardeep’s home. Since PurseN's start in 2008 our innovative products have captured the attention of a loyal audience and supported our growth in many ways. In 2016 PurseN was able to purchase our first office and warehouse! The new office space brought together team of hard working and talented individuals, allowing PurseN to continue to expand.

The Support

PurseN has been recognized by the media and magazines throughout the years, one of our favorites is being featured in O Magazine not 1, not 2, but 4 times! The most recent was the O Magazine January 2018 issue which featured the new Stylist Bag. It’s so wonderful to know we have the support of many influential people, including celebrities like Gwen Stafani and Cindy Crawford! Social influencers and bloggers have also become a big support system for introducing PurseN to new audiences. We love collaborating with amazing women and sharing our accessories with their fans!

2018 is PurseN's 10th year in business and we can't wait for what the future brings. Again, thank you all for supporting our journey, and remember when you support a small business an actual human being does a little happy dance. Thank you for making our team dance!

Here’s to a new year of “Making it Happen”, continued success and strong relationships with our customers.


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Sara fort

I can’t believe its been 10 years. I remember all the protocols and getting everything just right. I love my organizer !!! Can’t wait to see what else you do

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