New Year, New Organization Needs
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New Year, New Organization Needs

Hi there everyone! I am wishing you all have the most extravagant and luxurious 2018.

The biggest part of the new year is to make resolutions to help us reach our ultimate goals. Whatever it is you chose to resolve for this coming year, staying organized should be added to your list!

Being organized isn't just about staying neat and tidy, it’s about everything being in its place. Instead of searching around for that missing earring or spending a day organizing your makeup, you could be spending that time working toward your goals.

One of our favorite things about PurseN accessories is they are not just intended for travel, they are also great to use every day! These accessories can help you keep organized, reduce stress and keep you focused on your bigger goals this year.


1. Handbag Organizers:

Who has ever dumped out their ENTIRE purse on the floor in hopes to find their phone or wallet? With a handbag organizer from PurseN, you won’t be wasting your time on that anymore!

The insert features 10 total compartments to keep you organized at all times, serves as a lining protector. When it’s time to switch your handbag, simply lift the lightweight organizer out of the built-in handles and place in a new handbag.


2. Beauty Cases:

Everyone is different when it comes to the amount of makeup they own, and how much they actually use. Luckily, we have 7 options to choose! For me, the Stylist Case is the best choice because it can hold all my beauty products including, my favorite makeup, some basic toiletries, and a hairbrush. The top compartment is specially designed to be heat safe for styling tools.

I can leave it all organized for daily use, and if I happen to have to take a weekend or night away it’s already ready to go!


3. Jewelry Cases:

We also have many different options for Jewelry options; 6 organizers to fit your needs. I personally just need the Tiara Mini. I can put all my most loved jewelry in this case, and keep it close by. There is also a larger compartment for a statement piece!

With my most favorite accessories all in one place, I am ready to take on anything. No more wasting time detangling my favorite Tiffany necklace from a Best Friends necklace from 5th grade that I haven’t gotten rid of!

So, now that you're organized... Go! Hit the gym, make nutritious food, work hard, save money…Whatever it may be, I know you got this. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Kaedy Kiely

Congratulations on 10 years, Hardeep! It’s been so exciting to watch PurseN grow. I love using and gifting your lovely products!

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