Top 5 In-Flight Travel Accessories
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Top 5 In-Flight Travel Accessories

Hi everyone! Kristin here, I have been working with PurseN for over 4 years and have definitely become an addict to our travel accessories. Not only do I know the products inside and out but I am also a very frequent traveler. The more I've traveled over the years the more I've noticed which products I have to have with me on every single flight, all over the world. Just this past week I flew to Melbourne, Australia and of course was fully organized in my carry-on luggage. So what are my must-have carry-on PurseN travel accessories I take on every flight?


#1- VIP Travel Tote

This has become my carry-on tote for every flight. It is large enough to carry all of my in-flight necessitates, but still small enough to be able to fit under the seat in front of me on the plane so everything remains accessible. What I love most about this tote beside the fact that its just so stylish (obsessed with the Timeless Quilted one) is that the separate pockets inside and out makes it so easy to stay organized. I almost always travel with my laptop so I will have my laptop safely placed in the large center compartment. Then in the side pockets I will store any chargers I need, books or my kindle, my PurseN classic makeup case for easy touch ups, my PurseN pill organizer, wallet, passport and any snacks I might want while flying.


#2- Travel Pillow Organizer

No flight is complete without a comfortable place to rest your head! This pillow is extremely soft and the memory foam forms to your head for extra comfort. The most unique and best thing about our PurseN travel pillow is of course the panels with build-in pockets. I actually leave a set of earbuds and an eye mask in the zippered pockets at all times- this way I don't have to forget to pack them. They are always ready to go once I settle into my flight. Another tip for using the Travel Pillow Organizer is when I happened to be wearing earrings that get in the way of a relaxing snooze I will simply remove the earrings, slip them into one of the built-in pockets and never have to worry about losing them. Not to mention it was picked as one of Oprah's Favorite Things so how can you go wrong!


#3- Pill Organizer

Pill organizers are not just for the elderly anymore! I literally carry my PurseN pill organizer at all times with me- not just on flights but everyday in my handbag too. The worst thing is to be unexpectedly hit with a headache, allergies, a tummy ache or anything else you can think of and not be ready to soothe those symptoms. The pill organizer pouches are labeled with days of the week but I actually organize mine by pill type. For example, one pouch contains all Tylenol, another has Allegra for allergies, you get the drift. In the large zippered pocket I usually have a few bandaids because you just never know! Carrying this accessory with me has saved me and loved ones, friends and coworkers who start to not feel so great. Plus the case is just so cute, would you not have one?!


#4- Classic Makeup Case

Ever get off your flight, look in the mirror in the airport restroom and think WOAH, I am looking a little rough. I definitely do, but hey you've been flying so it's totally normal, especially for those lengthy flights. Having the Classic Makeup Case in my tote makes doing a quick touch up super easy. The case might look small in size but you'd be surprised at how much makeup you can actually fit! I can easily carry all my essentials plus a few extra lipstick color options and chapstick.


#5- Tiara Mini Jewelry Case

We introduced the Mini Jewelry Case at the beginning of this year and I am OBSESSED. Before I carried the Weekender Jewelry Case but it would usually need to be stored in my luggage. The Mini is the perfect petite size to easily store in your tote, handbag, or whatever carry-on bag you travel with. I have a few pieces of jewelry which are very sentimental to me, I would be so sad if I lost them along with a checked bag that went missing. I enjoy the peace of mind of having my valuable jewelry with me on the flight.


There you have it! These are the 5 PurseN travel accessories I must have with me on every flight. And that is just my carry-on bag- usually in my suitcase I'll have a few more stashed away. PurseN truly has become a life saver when it comes to traveling and staying organized at home. As a self proclaimed expert on our PurseN products I look forward to sharing more tips on how to best utilize our unique accessories.

Which PurseN accessories do you take with you on every trip? We want to know! We love hearing about happy customer stories and which products are your favorites. Comment below and let us know!

XO-- Kristin (@sauvignonblue)
Your PurseNal Travel Organization Expert


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